about me

I’ve been passionate about music for as long as I can remember, I think it was partly due to being the youngest child in a house full of music and dance so my earliest memories were hearing all of my older brothers and sister’s eclectic music tastes coming out of every bedroom. This must have had a big impact on me and also at the tender age of 5 years old I went to my first pop concert while we were living in Australia which I remember vividly. After we moved back to Bristol i quickly immersed myself in the incredible British music scene. I went from playing guitar with friends, experimenting with sounds and playing keyboards in bands too. At this time i started having piano lessons with a local teacher, after receiving a wonderful Christmas present of 3 piano lessons from my Mother. This opened up a whole world of music study and sent me on the path I’m on today, still loving and learning about all aspects of music

Whilst progressing through the piano grades up to a Performance Diploma, studying classical piano, theory and composition, I was still playing synths in local bands with diverse styles and really enjoying being completely immersed in music. I also began playing solo piano in Hotels and Restaurant’s, which I adore doing and still hold residency’s to this day. It was around this time it was recommended to me, by my own teacher, that I try teaching piano and i instantly loved it.

After many years experience of being in bands on Independent record labels, some success in the Indie charts, Radio 1 Evening Session airplay and demos at EMI Publishing, I decided to start composing my own electronic based music. This quickly led to writing Library music for various company’s for TV and Radio.I now also compose Ambient/Electronica music under the name Phonseca and the debut album Between a Dream has been well received with reviews from all over the world and airplay on BBC6 Music shows from Steve Lamacq to Gideon Coe.
Through Teaching, Performing and Composing I have experienced some of the most memorable moments of my life and I aim to pass this on, instilling my love and passion for music with everyone i work with.